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A very unique colour pattern inspired by nature making it easy to recognise anywhere and tell the lure's brand and make after seeing it once. The base colour on the side and the back is ocean blue gradually turning to metallic blue.
The scales are hexagon shaped and highlighted by the unique feature of the piranha, the shiny glitter. This is the one and only pattern we tuned up with glitter so it is a real speciality.
The throat and the belly are realisticly bright yellow which is in harmony with the little orange eye with a black disc shaped pupil.
This pattern is the first one where a mouth appears in the painting in this case giving the piranha razor-sharp teeth.
The natural blue with the glittering effect is striking in a broad sunlight, but well visible in murky waters too.
The orange eyes and the squash coloured throat are top attractors, giving this lure a fascinating appearance in the water!