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The Largemouth is our brand new pattern joining the natural coloured lures and it is modelling one of the pikes predatory competition. In waters where both species are present they are also potentially preys for eatch other.
The colour scheme is capable of triggering a territory protecting instinct from the pike which gives you success even in poorest feeding times.
The oilgreen base colour can confuse the pike during the spawning season when identifying it as a smaller pike they will attack it. We tried to paint the pattern as realistic as possible. 
Light bronze base is perfectly matched by the oilgreen backside and the lateral line. The fins and the gill covers are gradually turning black while the eyes are fully black. 
The belly is bright yellow turning white but is spiced up with a pearly shining, so is the mouth and the gill cover.
There areas take effect in sunlight and can be considered as "hot spots".
We recommend this lure for clear waters and not only weedy swims. On places where both pike and bass are present this can be a killer lure but the feedbacks suggest that it does really well in any water.