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Heavy Metal

A unique pattern which shares characteristics whith the Dead Ghost. Indicating only one thing: Rock forever! :-)

But jokes aside, this is a very unusual colour combination based on fantasy. Because the black backside is still very visible even in murky waters this lure was designed to be used in sunny conditions, clearer cold water.
The silver side makes the lure look realistic but also creates a flashing effect that can easily result in a bite. The red colour is often attacked aggressively by the pike that's why the belly here is painted red.
Just like the belly of a roach, this is provoking the predator lurking underneath to attack. The eyes are also glittering ruby red and dont have pupils. Since it's not too bright it can be seen even in direct sunlight.
The feedbacks indicating very good catching performance, yet only the most experimenting anglers dare to try it due to its unique pattern not being very common on every glider manufacturers lure collection.
Basically anyone who likes to fish out of his comfort zone, this is an ideal weapon that proved a lot in many hands.