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Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

This was our first ever pattern therefore has a special place amongst the others.

The white backside is highly visible and will produce bites in even the murkiest waters while that hi-viz colour also makes it ultra easy for beginners to assess themselves how they move the lure. 
The silver side gives the lure a natural, fishlike shine and will most likely provoke an attack from the pike. Green colour is very effective for pike in general, maybe they see it as competition
or it might reminds them of the perch and they act out of territorial instinct.
The speciality of this pattern is the belly which is also painted green. Most of the preyfish species have white bellies which makes them difficult to spot and attack accurately from beneath.
If the belly is green then the predator can lock on target more easily from underneath, even in bright sunlight.
The big zombie eye makes perfect match for this pattern, with its shine and colour changing effect it makes a real "hot spot" on the lure and the take is guaranteed.