We have never heard anything like this before…Have you?

Believe it or not, from now on we provide this service with every Cruelbaits purchase!
And if this was not enough, we do this retroactively as well.

Did we lose our mind? Not at all!

We would like you to be proud of your Cruelbaits lure. We have 100% confidence in the quality of our lures and we want you to feel the same.

When we started making lures, we tried dozens of primers, paints and epoxy resins, combined them in different order. After all the hard work we managed to find the ultimate sequence of layers that we believe in ever since. The Godfather lures are treated with 8 different coatings that makes our wooden lures pike-safe on long term. This was 4 years ago… Since then we have been collecting reviews, feedbacks about what pattern proved to be successful certain venue, what species they are good for, and of course, catch reports. We received a lot of feedbacks from You and for that we are extremely grateful. Somehow one thing was never mentioned in the feedbacks: problem with the lure’s quality. Not a crack, not a leak, not one single broken lure. And since we sold more than 2000 Cruelbaits lures that’s proof for quality of the design and the manufacturing that has no match in the country. It is absolutely risk-free for us to provide this 1 year guarantee as they are extremely durable and will work perfectly for a very long time.

What is covered in the guarantee?

It is covered against cracks, connection ring faults within intended manner of use.
If any freshwater fish manages to bite though the protecting coat rendering the lure leak and crack, you are eligible to have it replaced by the guarantee within 1 year.
As addition to that if any connecting ring or the wire gets smashed out of the lure body or gets broken by any fish you are also covered by the guarantee.
Any other damages will not be covered by guarantee.

What is NOT covered in the guarantee?

It will not cover damages due to misuse or outside of intended purpose. Hitting hard objects like piers, concrete bridge columns, boats or rocks etc. It will not cover if it gets driven over by a car, nor fire damage or damages caused by other hard objects be it accidental or intended.
If the lures surface treatment gets damaged, but that doesn’t effect the lures action like scratches or normal tear and wear that doesn’t cause problems in the lures usability.
In any other or disputable case the Cruelbaits team holds the right to investigate and evaluate the warranty application.
To submit a warranty application email us: